We strongly believe in the human being as well as his faculty of understanding and evolution both in successes and errors.

So, we will not relate another time the causes for climate change, deforestation, and endangered species through our mode consumption, wars, genocide and terrorist acts because we believe that with communication and current information, no one can claim to ignore the negative impact of mankind on the planet and the danger it represents for himself.

We rather focus our time and energy on notable changes and revolution that we call “societal and behavioral awakening” which started worldwide about ten years ago.

This revolution started with groups of people who understood that education was the essential foundation to this revolution.

Our mission is to correct as much as possible, the mistakes of previous generations, re-balance and perpetuate this movement to transmit the legacy in a caring way to our children and their own children so that they learn and remember that the secret of longevity of each species on earth lies in a simple and universal concept: transfer of benevolence knowledge.